Sarasota Power and Sail SquadronWe Are the Sarasota Power & Sail Squadron


Commander: Cdr. Austin Dickinson, S
Executive Officer: Robert Wolfe, S
Administrative Officer: Lt/C Diana Rodak
Educational Officer: Lt/C Samuel Doak, S
Secretary Lt/C: Walter Rodak, S
Treasurer Lt/C: Daniel Sullivan, P
Assistant Administrative Officer: 1/Lt/C Perry Page
Assistant SEO: TBD
Assistant Treasurer: TBD
Assistant Secretary: TBD

The United States Power Squadrons is a national organization of boating enthusiasts with approximately 25,000 members. It was formed in 1914 and is dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects.

The Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron (SPSS) was founded in 1952 and today is one of the largest of the USPS Squadrons is the 2nd largest of the USPS Squadrons, with over 410 members. We are a totally volunteer organization. Our recently expanded and renovated Headquarters Building is the center of our teaching efforts for all courses, which include boat safety classes, as well as advanced and elective marine navigation, marine communication, engine maintenance and electrical systems, etc. for the public and our members.

Our on-the-water activities include cruises, Co-Op Charting, raft-ups and more. Activities ashore include luncheons, parties, picnics, and monthly pot-luck game nights.

In addition to the many benefits of membership you will receive by joining the Sarasota Power Squadron, there are many additional benefits that come to you from our national organization the United States Power Squadrons. For example, as a member you will receive discounts from the following businesses:

  • Office Depot/Office Max
  • Vistaprint
  • Life Line Screening
  • Boat US
  • VPI Pet Insurance
  • Sea Tow
  • Avis & Budget Rental Cars
  • DanBoater travel and safety benefits
  • Wyndham Hotels

There are many more and you can find out about them by following this link to the national website:

SPSS members freely give of their time to teach, conduct vessel safety-check inspections, participate in cooperative charting assignments and enjoy the life-long friendships of fellow power boaters and sailors.

Boater's Relocation Guide Sarasota FLThe United States Power Squadrons Public Relations Committee awarded member Michael P. Scahill, a National First Place! Mike’s entry “Sarasota Boaters Relocation Guide” describes and answers many question of persons coming to the Sarasota area in regards to boating. Mike came from a freshwater environment in the St. Louis area and soon found out how shallow the Sarasota Bay is, and how corrosive and harsh a saltwater environment can be.  You can download for free Mike’s relocation guide by clicking on it–just look to your right.

Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron