Boat Safety Is Important!

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Learning to boat safely is important – the increased knowledge will enhance your safety on the water and your enjoyment of the sport. The Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron offers several safe-boating courses to the public throughout the year at  building on Hyde Park Street. We also have a Video Library along with many great courses. For a complete schedule of our 2018 seminars and courses in a PDF format click here.

Please Note!

All of our courses and seminars, except ABC, require pre-registration and payment no later than three days before the session begins.  If, prior to course start, you find that you are unable to attend, the registration fee is fully refundable.  If the deadline has passed and you wish to take the course, contact the squadron education officer to determine if the course is still available.

All of our courses and seminars, except ABC, Junior Navigation, and Navigation require a minimum of 4 students for the course to be taught.  ABC has no minimum and JN and N require only 2 students to be taught.  If, three days before the session is to begin, less than the minimum students have pre-registered, the course or seminar will be cancelled and any paid registration fees will be refunded.  Should the student count go below the minimum any time after the pre-registration deadline, including during course instruction, the course may be cancelled or continue at the instructor’s discretion.

One of the most exciting aspects of membership at SPSS is the opportunity to take advantage of the wide array of courses offered to members. The program is diverse and challenging, and offers the promise of greater enjoyment and safety in your own boating activities – as well as the satisfaction of personal accomplishment. Like all activities in the Squadron, participation is purely voluntary, and the instructors offer their services without pay.

An exciting new program we have started is our Small Boat Maneuvering Course.  This program is a combination of a three-hour classroom experience and a four-hour hands-on on the water training experience.  A certified instructor will work with teams of three people to help you develop basic boating handling skills.

We Offer

  • Courses in Seamanship, Piloting, Celestial Navigation, Marine Electronics, Weather, Engine Maintenance, Cruise Planning, GPS, Radar,and more.
  • More than 20 self-study and video courses are available on a variety of subjects such as Radar, Oceanography, Navigational Astronomy and Boat Insurance.
  • Extensive Library on Nautical subjects, Charts, Videos, Magazines and more.

Successfully completing the America’s Boating Course meets the educational requirements for boat operation in most states.

The Educational Trust Fund is an opportunity to give back to SPSS, which has given so much over the years, and to help ensure its continued success in bringing boating education to all.