Boat Safety Is Important!

Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron Sarasota, FLLearning to boat safely is important – the increased knowledge will enhance your safety on the water and your enjoyment of the sport. The Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron offers several safe-boating courses to the public throughout the year at our building on Hyde Park Street. Along with our many great courses we also have a Video Library.

Please Note!

All of our courses and seminars require pre-registration and payment no later than three days before the session begins.  If, prior to the course start, you find that you are unable to attend, the registration fee is fully refundable.  If the deadline has passed and you wish to take the course, you may contact the course instructor to determine if you can still take the class.

All of our courses require a 3-student minimum to be taught, with the following exceptions: ABC course, no minimum, Offshore Navigation and Celestial Navigation require a minimum of 2 students. If, three days before the session is to begin, less than the minimum students have pre-registered, the course or seminar will be cancelled and any paid registration fees will be refunded.  Should the student count go below the minimum any time after the pre-registration deadline, including during course instruction, the course may be cancelled or continue at the instructor’s discretion.

Our Many Educational Opportunities

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ABC Boating Course

Only $50.00 and $20.00 for second person sharing a book!

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America’s Boating Course gives you the knowledge to decide what type and size boat you need, what to do when meeting another boat in a crowded waterway, and how to handle hazards. To become a more competent boater, learn from the best, take America’s Boating Course today.

This course can be taken as a classroom course at our headquarters.Many boat insurance companies offer discounts on boating insurance to boaters who have successfully completed America’s Boating Course.


One of the most exciting aspects of membership in SPSS is the opportunity to take advantage of the wide array of courses offered to members. The program is diverse and challenging and offers the promise of greater enjoyment and safety in your own boating activities, as well as the satisfaction of personal accomplishment. Like all activities in the Squadron, participation is purely voluntary, and the instructors offer their services without pay.

One of our on-the-water programs is our Small Boat Maneuvering Course. This class, in cooperation with Freedom Boat Club, is a combination of a three-hour classroom lecture and a four-hour hands-on on the water training session. A certified instructor will work with three to five people to help develop basic boat handling skills.

Other Offerings

In addition to the above courses and seminars there are more than 40 self-study courses and videos available through our national organization. Click here to learn more.