Donations to

Sarasota Power & Sail Squadron

It’s because of members like you who donate to the Squadron that we are able to continue our primary mission of teaching safe boating in the Sarasota area. Our work and dedication to bringing safe and enjoyable boating adventures to the public is a daunting task. It’s from membership and people like you who donate to this great cause. If you would like to make a donation choose one of the areas that you’d like to donate to. We greatly appreciate it!

The Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron and the Educational Trust Fund are both 501(C)(3) enterprises, and therefore any donations made to them are tax deductible in accordance with existing tax laws.

General Operating Account:

The day-to-day activities of the Squadron are covered by the funds in the Operating Account. It is from these funds, for example, that we buy the books for our classes. These funds allow us to plan and run our many social events, run our Vessel Safety Check program, and pay for the operating expenses of our headquarters building.

Capital Assets and Building Account:

The CAB is an account segregated for unexpected or large maintenance projects incurred for our headquarters building. Some items it might cover are replacement of our air conditioners, our roof, or possible storm damage repairs. This account is also used to cover the expenses of special items needed for the classrooms or for other capital items such as a refrigerator or dishwasher, i.e. Items not budgeted out of the General Operating Account.

The Educational Trust Fund:

Several years ago the Squadron created a Florida trust with funds provided by member donors; SPSS is the sole beneficiary of that trust. Six Trustees are appointed by SPSS for three-year terms to protect the assets of the Trust. The Squadron’s Commander and Treasurer also sit on the Board of the Trust. Money in the trust is used exclusively to fund the broad educational goals of the Squadron. In 2018 the Trust supported the long overdue renovation of the Squadron’s headquarters. The Trust will also support innovative teaching and classroom opportunities as they arise. It is professionally managed by Cumberland Advisors.