We Need Your Help

The Sarasota Power & Sail Squadron is looking for volunteers to help the squadron keep up with our demand. We are one of the largest and most active squadrons in the area and that takes a lot of work! If you are a member and would like to volunteer we would greatly appreciate it. Here are some of the areas we need help in:

  • Education
    • The Education Department needs instructors and an assistant to the Education Officer. If you would like to instruct one of our courses or seminars, or help with the administration of the department, please contact Joe Barnette here: cjbarnette@yahoo.com
  • Weekly Luncheon Staff
    • Our weekly luncheons are a great success and we need help greeting and getting everyone checked in.
  • Raft-Ups
    • Our Raft-Ups are an enjoyable time out on the water but the preparation to get us there takes some coordinating. Help us make these adventures even more fun!

Contact Us Here and Climb Aboard!