New Pass & Big Pass Update

If you are a boater in Sarasota, you might have noticed that the channel markers out of New Pass and Big Pass have been removed. FBC has spoken with the Sarasota Sheriff’s Marine Patrol and we have been advised that they are unsure if/when these will be replaced as it is up to Sarasota County to do so.
New Pass: Deputy John Fandozzi of the Sarasota Sheriff’s Marine Patrolhighly recommends that boaters stay away from New Pass as it is constantly changing on a daily basis.
Big Pass: Deputy John Fandozzi of the Sarasota Sheriff’s Marine Patrolrecommends to navigate Big Pass with caution as it is deeper but also changing on a daily basis. He suggests to follow a big boat out, use extreme caution, and use a device (GPS, Navionics, Etc)in order to track your return.
Big Pass Navigation Tip (When leaving Marina Jack and heading towards the Gulf thru Sarasota Big Pass): After you reach the northernmost point of Siesta Key, you will see a red channel marker 8. You can THEN orient yourself with the illuminated entrance marker to the pass. Members should be aware that there are several shoals off the beach on either side of what remains of the channel. Please use caution.