Introduction to Celestial Navigation, Illustrated & Animated

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“An Introduction to Celestial Navigation, Illustrated and Animated”, has been designed specifically for the fun and intellectual enjoyment of individuals who may have an interest in this fascinating science. No quizzes, no final exams, no homework. No prior knowledge required. Just come for the “big picture” of navigating by the sky. The class is presented as an introduction to a more comprehensive two-course series on celestial navigation offered by the Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron.

The class will be presented in a two day format with each session lasting approximately two hours. It will be held at the main headquarters of the Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron at 2814 Hyde Park St., Sarasota, FL. The class will be held on February 18th and 20th, 2020, from 7-9 pm. Call now to reserve your space as seating may be limited. For more information, and to pre-register for this class go to and click on the “Education” tab, then find the class entitled “Introduction to Celestial Navigation”.

Instructor: Graham Peterson’s cell number is 828-290-8088

Jan 9, 2021: 0900-1300 Sat 1 Session
Mar 13, 2021: 0900-1300 Sat 1 Session

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The Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron, in conjunction with the Adult Continuing Education program (ACE) at Suncoast Technical College, has added an exciting new class to their curriculum of boating courses open to the public. “An Introduction to Celestial Navigation, Illustrated and Animated” will introduce you to the fascinating science of navigating by celestial objects, i.e. the sun, moon, stars and planets. Since the earliest days of the earth’s civilizations travelers throughout the world have been finding their way by looking at the skies. Taught by Graham Peterson, a navigation instructor at the Sarasota Power Squadron, you will be uniquely introduced to the fundamental concepts of celestial navigation. Topics covered will be the history of celestial navigation, techniques of early navigators, the development of the “modern method” of celestial navigation and the operation of the marine sextant.